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Digital Display in Trade Shows

It’s pretty difficult to grab someone’s attention in 2019. The number of times a potential customer has to see an ad before they remember you is staggering—and the number is going up all the time. The same is true for today’s trade shows. These events are busy, loud, and high-energy, so you have to make sure you’ll get noticed.

Digital Displays in Trade Shows

This is where digital displays come in. They’re flexible, dynamic, and attention-grabbing. So many companies, however, waste their digital space, and don’t use their digital displays to their full potential. We have some tips on how to use these high-tech displays to draw people into your booth, and make them stay there!

What to Display

Because we’re deep into the digital age, you have to be really selective about what you put on your digital displays. Slapping your logo up there in bright letters won’t cut it anymore! They’re so easy to customize, so there’s no excuse for not displaying exciting, engaging content and images.

Tell People About You

You should use your digital display to showcase brand-focused content about your company. Tell people who you are and what you do in a clear but catchy way. It should be succinct, like a mission statement, but meaningful—something your audience can connect with. You’re trying to draw them in with a promise of what they can get from you!

Digital displays are also a great place to give your audience specific information about your products or services. Whatever information you choose to share, it should be easy to read. This is an effective way to draw in the people who are most likely to convert, because they know exactly what you do, and they want to learn more. You can display brand information, company FAQ, or catchy descriptions of what you’re all about.


In addition to company or brand information, you can also display generic information that will help attendees find what they need. You can have a digital display outside your booth directing people inside. Inside your booth you can have directions to specific products or staff members who can answer questions they may have. Always integrate your branding into your signage—use your colors, fonts, logos, etc. You can also incorporate commonly recognized symbols, like directional arrows or the Facebook “like” symbol.

Branch Out

One of the most game-changing aspects of digital displays is movement. While it certainly makes regular text bright and eye-catching, you aren’t using exercising your display’s full potential without video! Short demo clips of your products are a great way to help your future customers visualize your product, and see it in action. When you’re brainstorming video content for your trade show, keep in mind that it will be loud! Try to create content that draws people in visually, without audio.

Social Proof

Nothing is more important than social proof, and this is a great way to show it off to your potential customers. People will trust you if your have real people reviewing your products or services—they’ll have a strong incentive to give you a try! Consider featuring some of your best reviews on a rotating loop, or video interviews with satisfied customers (maybe inside your booth, where it isn’t quite so loud).

Social Media

Just as important as social proof, social media allows you to connect and interact with your audience—something today’s shoppers are looking for. Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and get to know your target demographic. Provide real-time trade show updates! Follow along with what people are saying about your brand in the moment. This generates interest, keeps people focused on your booth, and gives the impression that your company is keeping up.

Incentivizing your visitors to like your various social profiles will help you connect and helps you collect important demographic information. Come up with a hashtag and encourage your booth visitors to use it! This is a great way to gain a better understanding of your visibility at the trade show, as well as how far your reach goes. Social media is perfect for developing long-term customer relationships, since it’s one of the primary means of communication today.

Coordinate with your social media accounts to make sure there is plenty of follower interaction going on during the trade show. Have a designated staff member to monitor interaction, and make sure they’re prepped with how to deal with negative feedback—because it’s even more important that you interact with those customers.

Outside vs. Inside

Your digital displays outside and inside your booth shouldn’t be the same! Not only would that be repetitive for your audience, but both displays have different functions. Your outside display should be focused on drawing people in, earning trust, and piquing interest. Your inside display or displays should be designed to inform, educate, and direct your audience. For example, maybe your outside display focuses on social media or social proof, while your inside displays focus on what exactly you can do for your customers.


Digital displays are not just for presenting your company name in slightly brighter letters. They tell the story of your brand, what you do, and how your customers can benefit from working with you. Don’t be afraid to branch out and get creative! Use digital displays to draw attendees in, and from there you and your staff can pick up the narrative.

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