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4 Cool Tech Ideas for Your Next Trade Show Display

Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to connect with potential customers, try out new products, and network with other industry leaders. That being said, finding success at a trade show isn’t easy! You have to have a solid plan for getting noticed next to all the big, flashy displays you’ll no doubt be next to. Technology is a super fun and easy way to get noticed, and it’ll also help send engagement with trade show attendees skyrocketing.

Here are some fun tech-based ideas to get you noticed!


Touchscreens are a great, interactive way to get your customer base engaged with your brand. Create the perfect touch content, and let them explore everything you have to offer at their leisure! There’s a lot going on at a trade show, and aggressively approaching every attendee you make eye contact with can feel sales-y and intimidating. Let your customers come to you, and be available to answer any questions they have.

Once you have the content, display it in a fun, eye-catching way! Make it look like a giant smartphone, surround it with flashing lights or bright colors—anything high-energy that will get you noticed.

Game Show

Once people make it to your booth, get them excited to be there! Have a virtual prize wheel, gaming apps, social media contests or anything that will loosen up attendees and get them chatting and having fun. This will not only draw attention to your trade show display, but also get others excited to see what you’re all about. Get creative with it!

Video Wall

This one is undeniably eye-catching and attention-grabbing—capitalize on that with killer content! A video wall is much more impressive than a standard monitor, and your content options are much greater. Feature attendees via social media, display live VR content, or show a high-quality video about your company and what you do. Just make sure whatever content you’re displaying is top notch—the flashy screens will draw them in, but you have to make them stay!

Social Media

This might be the most effective way to interact with your audience, both at the trade show and long after it’s over. Have a hashtag ready, display it prominently, and really encourage people to use it! Feature new followers or mentions, and get people excited to interact with you.

Have people mention you in their Instagram story for a chance to win something, post polls and questions to get people talking, and make sure you’re engaging with them live at the trade show! The possibilities are endless—get creative, and make sure you have someone monitoring your engagements real time.

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