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You want to bring your vision to life. Let Design Display help you communicate it.

If you are planning to start a design project such as a university athletic facility, a museum, a visitor center, or a trade show booth exhibit, Design Display can deliver a custom-made display, exhibit, or design. Let us help you with our creative design solutions.

With over 40 years of experience in the design industry, Design Display’s team of specialists will help you through the entire design process. We are there until the end, helping you properly represent your brand or company.

Our services are possible because of our talented design staff, which includes exhibit designers, graphic designers, producers, technicians, and finishing experts. They work on each project to develop graphics and construct 3D designs that contribute to your organization’s desired message.

At Design Display, one of our specialties is environmental graphic design. This is used by organizations who want to use their building exterior, interior, and other physical surroundings to visually communicate their message.

Environmental graphics don’t pertain to a part of the natural world, as the name might suggest, but are actually a segment of “built environment.” This is a term that the architecture and engineering industries use, meaning “the act of designing the manmade environment.”

As part of the “built environment,” environmental graphic design refers to the materials and the spatial orientation that graphics offer. As part of human nature, we want lobbies and museums to be beautiful and useful. When manmade areas are created with purpose and thought, they become hubs of activity. That’s when those surroundings are able to serve their purpose well. By making a good impression on visitors, these spaces offer significant opportunities to communicate organizations’ identities.

At Design Display, we know how important collaboration is. Talk to us. Tell us your ideas and let us know how you want the room to look. We will take care of the details. We offer design as one of our services, so whether you need wall murals or custom interiors, Design Display can deliver a product that communicates your brand identity. 

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