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6 Tips for an Incredible Career Fair Booth

Job fairs are a great way for like-minded job-seekers to connect and network with potential employers. Instead of employers scanning cover letters and resumes, the focus can be placed on face-to-face interaction. If a good match is found, employers can offer up jobs on the spot. 

Wanting to stand out at your next job fair? Here are 6 tips for setting up a career booth that stands out and attracts high-quality talent. 

Represent Your Space Well

First impressions set the stage for future interactions. The same principle applies to the presentation of your fair booth! When presenting your booth, make sure to display the company name on banners, recruiter’s uniforms, and the material you will be promoting. Set-up begins long before the job fair begins; don’t risk looking unprofessional by setting up after the event has started!

When displaying your promotional material be bold and choose eye-catching colors that will accentuate your brand. Your goal is to stand out against your competition and remain professional at the same time. 

Be Technology-Friendly

In the age of technology, people love when displays are accessible. Don’t spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new technology for your next fair. Instead, use what you have, and set up a laptop as a way for candidates to get a more personal feel for your company’s culture. Display anything that shows your company in a positive light: multimedia, photos, or testimonials. Having an online application available can help candidates to submit in an application early and speed up the hiring process. 

Host a Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a contest or giveaway is a great way to generate foot traffic to your fair booth. Consider a giveaway or contest that requires attendees to sign up to participate. This means more foot traffic and interaction with recruiters. Prizes do not have to be extravagant; they can be as simple as gift cards, or even promotional material that represents your company’s culture. Make sure to advertise any contests or giveaways ahead of time to ensure the word gets out!

Be Friendly and Engage

Job fairs can be intimidating to potential candidates; try to minimize this by being friendly and engaging. Don’t allow your recruiters to sit behind the booth, but encourage them to initiate conversation with potential applicants as they pass by. 

Offer Beverages and Snacks

People are attracted to free food, so offering free snacks and beverages is a great way to draw more attention to your booth. This is especially true if your job fair is hosted at a college or university!

Publicize Open Positions 

If you need to fill spots immediately—advertise them! Without properly advertising open positions, people will not be aware of their availability. Likewise, if you know of any spots available in the future, make sure to advertise those as well. 

Job fairs are a great way to grow your company and generate buzz. With time and preparation, your fair booth can help to attract strong candidates and fill open job positions within your company. 

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