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The Best Banners for Your Buck

Rollup banner stands are a durable and stylish way to convey an important message to your customers, and potential customers! From an office lobby to a trade show floor, these signs are built to last and to stand out. They’re a great way to promote literally anything that needs promoting, but here are a few ideas.

Rollup Banners for Trade Shows

A business banner’s most obvious use is at a trade show! Packed in a room with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of booths at a trade show, it’s essential that you stand out. This means that pamphlets, stickers, and other kinds of small branding aren’t enough. You need something big, eye-catching, and informative to set you apart from your competitors.

If the services or products you can provide your customers aren’t made obvious to a trade show visitor, they’re not likely to stop by at all. Make what you do loud and clear on your rollup banner, starting with your company name and a brief description of what you offer. Make it vibrant! Use emotional language and captivating imagery to draw people in.

Don’t forget to include information, too. Provide onlookers with website details and ways they can contact you—this way, if they don’t have time to stop by, they’ll remember you and can look you up later.


If you’re hosting or putting on an event but no one knows why, what’s the point? A big, bright banner is a surefire way to let everyone attending the event know what the purpose is, and that you put it on. Whether you’re raising money for charity or simply trying to spread awareness with some kind of launch, you need a clear message.

Essentially, you can hand out leaflets and talk to people all night, but you’ll definitely miss some people if this is your only approach. You have customers and potential customers right where you want them—so make sure they hear what you want them to hear. The last thing you want is for people to leave your event without the information they need to convert later!

Put your banner in the most eye-catching place possible, so that everyone sees it first thing when they walk in. Print your company name along with a message stating what you’re doing there. Be sure to include contact details, too. After that, it’s much easier to make sure everyone has a good time and that they get involved!


Visual aids are incredibly important to any presentation or public speech, and they can complement your presentation message beautifully. You can include important information that people may not remember if you just say it once, like social media handles, contact information, or even your business name!

This is especially important for any information or names that aren’t spelled the way they sound. You can ensure that they retain the information you want them to long after your presentation is done. Not to mention, even if it’s just your logo in bright colors, you’re creating brand awareness throughout your entire presentation that will stick with them.

For Your Lobby

When a customer or potential client walks into your business, you want to make a killer first impression. People form opinions incredibly quickly—sometimes even before they’re greeted by a person! So make sure the first thing they see when they walk through the door is appealing and informative.

A retractable banner is a great way to convey important things to your customers right away. Not only does it welcome them, but it can give them a firm idea of your brand’s feel. Essentially, you’re priming them for the great service or product they’re bound to receive.

For all your banner needs, big and small, contact Design Display today.