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5 Tips for an Eye-Catching Display at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a zero-sum game. Everyone there is competing for limited attention, so it’s important that you stand out. There are so many possibilities for your display design, so we’ve narrowed it down to five important tips to make your display, and your company, successful.

Important Trade Show Display Rules to Follow

#1: Let Them Know Who You Are

This first one is especially important for younger or lesser-known brands. Keep in mind that just having your name in huge letters won’t cut it—people at the trade show don’t want to guess what you’re all about. They’ll see your name and just keep walking. You need to concisely get across what it is you can offer them, without overwhelming them with information.

#2: Have Eye-Catching Copy

The main copy displayed in your booth needs to be clear and eye-catching. Aim for a six-word tagline to explain what it is your company does, with your name underneath. Make sure it’s something easy to digest—something that a person could just glance at and still absorb the information. Try not to be too abstract. Instead, be concise and honest about what you do.

#3: Share, But Not Too Much

Stick to a minimalist approach to your display design. Your booth visitors aren’t there just for you. They’re there to explore all of their options, so you have to be mindful not only of what information you include, but how much. Just like only having your name will cause attendees to keep walking, so will overwhelming them with information. Start with the essential information, and let your conversations answer the rest of their questions!

#4: Set Yourself Apart

As always, make sure you’re thinking outside the box. Come up with little, practical things that will set you apart from other booths at the trade show. Something as simple as a phone charging station can not only draw people to your booth, but get them to stay and start talking. Also consider creating a semi-private space within or near your booth for meetings with potential clients! If people do end up hanging out, you’ll have a quiet area to start business relationships.

#5: Invest In Your Display

Don’t be too stingy with your display. Finances, of course, will always be a factor, but consider your trade show display booth a long-term investment! Investing in an intriguing, informative display will lead to more customers for you in the long run.

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