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Thinking About a Long-Term Trade Show Rental Agreement? Here’s What You Should Know

Trade shows are important, but preparing for one and getting a high-quality trade show booth can create costs that make some consider renting versus buying.

Renting a trade show display versus buying one, on the surface, could involve less money over a short period of time. But there are other considerations to take into account so you can make an informed decision.

Costs Can Pile Up Over the Long Run

If you plan on a light trade show or conference schedule over the next few years, then renting may be preferable. You can probably save money over buying your own booth.

But if you plan on a heavier schedule, or if you are considering renting over a longer period of time, be aware that costs can pile up. It can be more expensive in the long run to rent a booth, rather than buy one for your business.

You Lose the Custom Factor

One appeal of buying your own trade show booth is that it can be custom-designed just for your company. When you rent a booth, you can give up that control, which means your trade show booth won’t be nearly as unique.

The custom factor is very important. Displays that are tailored to a certain business tend to perform better, especially considering standing out is a must – and if your booth looks too much like everyone else’s, you could lose a competitive advantage.

Some Materials and Booths May Not Be Available

You may not think the materials you use for your display are particularly important, but they are – and renting versus buying can restrict the materials used in your booth’s construction. Plus, you don’t get to choose how the booth is built; you have to choose from what’s available, which means limited selection.

You May Incur Extra Fees

The base price to rent a booth isn’t the only thing you’ll pay, most of the time. You’ll frequently incur additional costs. You should ask your booth rental provider what all fees you may be subject to.

Renting still may be a better option, but it’s usually better only over the short-term, and even then it may be preferable to get a custom trade show booth that’s all yours.

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