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3 Hot Trade Show Booth Design Trends in 2018

Trade shows are competitive. Your best bet to shine is to have a trade show booth that stands out.

Trade show booths have come a long way from the early days, when they were barely more than a table, a couple of chairs, and a banner (and, of course, an actual wooden booth).

Now, you can take advantage of a lot of cool innovations in the industry, including these 3 hot trade show booth design trends we have seen so far this year.

Creating New Looks and Feels for Booths

There are two new trends as far as booth aesthetics go: urban and rustic.

Some exhibitors are going with a more urban, city-like feel. Think concrete, exposed steel, brick, glass, and other industrial materials and textures. This may work better for some industries than others; not everyone needs to go down that road. But the urban aesthetic can be really impactful and definitely stands out.

The opposite of urban is rustic, or natural. Think wood (natural and reclaimed), recycled materials, bamboo, paper, greenery, and other outdoorsy, earthy materials. This look also stands out because so few booths are doing it right now.

Creating Enclosed Spaces

We’ve written previously about how 3D spaces give you a way to bring your visitors into the booth, which is more appealing and engaging.

You can use fabric and glass to create semi-enclosed compartments that give structure and depth to your space. You can even partition off certain areas for private meeting space for when you want to have deeper conversations with visitors.

Some exhibitors have gone as far as creating double-decker booths where there’s meeting space on top of the ground-level booth. That’s taking a 3D booth to the next level!

Adding Digital Elements to Attract Attention

Finally, as we are in the digital age, it only makes sense that digital is starting to pop up in a big way at trade shows.

Digital elements you should consider adding include anything from LED lighting to motion graphics, virtual reality, backdrop screens with animations or video, light displays, and more.

Digital helps your booth stand out, because the human eye has a very difficult time ignoring things that are bright and in motion. This is why they work so well on the street – and why they will work so well for your booth.

Take advantage of these trade show booth design trends and you will be on your way toward a great exhibit for your next show.

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