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Reasons for In-House Exhibit Fabrication

When creating an exhibit – whether it’s for a museum, visitor center, stadium, or trade show – there are several ways you can go about getting it fabricated.

One way that many customers choose is to go to a middleman – someone who outsources the fabrication to a variety of different shops, then assembles the exhibit (or has someone else assemble it for them) and delivers it to you.

At Design Display, we represent the other method: in-house custom fabrication.

Here, we’ll share a few reasons why you’ll benefit more from our way of creating your next exhibit over the middleman outsourced way.

Why Custom Fabrication Is Preferred

Custom fabrication of an exhibit is preferred for several reasons, but we’ll focus on one main reason: fit.

You have unique goals for your exhibit and you want a unique look and feel. Your exhibit dimensions may be unique as well. When you go with an outsourcing fabricator, you’re usually getting standard parts that go back and forth between the retailer and the suppliers to get the parts fitted and shaped to match your designs.

With in-house fabrication services, however, your provider can control the fit of the exhibit by producing custom-made parts to fit exactly as needed.

This results in…

Fewer Steps in the Process

With an outsourcing fabricator, you have to wait on communication and delivery between your retailer and the third parties they use to actually fabricate the parts. And those fabricators have to communicate with the part suppliers.

What you have, then, is an added, unnecessary step. There’s no reason why you should have to go through a middleman retailer to talk to fabricators. It just adds time and cost to your project.

With in-house fabrication services, however, your retailer and your fabricator are one and the same. You cut out a step and streamline the entire process so it’s more time-efficient – and cost-efficient – for you.

Choose a One-Stop Shop

Your exhibit or trade show display is important. It is an investment of time and money – resources you don’t want wasted.

By choosing a one-stop in-house fabricator who can design, construct, and deliver your exhibit, you can cust overall costs and speed up production – as well as get a custom-designed and constructed exhibit that’s just for you.

Design Display is a custom exhibit fabricator that handles every step of the design and fabrication process, from start to finish. Contact us to learn more or to get started on your next project.