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Showing Off at Trade Shows with Modular Displays

A trade show is your business’s chance to show off. To do that, you need a killer trade show display – but how do you get one within your budget that can be adjusted to your needs?

The answer: modular displays.

Modular displays from brands like Nimlok give you a combination of style and flexibility. Your display comes in different modules made of lightweight aluminum extrusion frames with fabric graphic overlays that can be moved around and adjusted as needed to create an eye-catching display that stands apart from the crowd.

The end result: you get a great display that looks stylish and modern, and one that is customizable to fit your needs.

Advantages of Modular Displays

Modular trade show displays have several key advantages over other trade show displays.


All trade show displays are an investment, and you want to make the most of your budget. If your budget is limited and you can’t fit in a full-scale, fully-custom trade show display, then a modular display option gives you a more cost-effective alternative that still looks great.

Modular displays can cost more than your standard table-and-backdrop display, but as you’ll see, there are plenty of advantages to make up for it.


Modular displays are easier to set up than many fabricated, fully-custom pieces made from heavier materials. Since they’re built with lightweight aluminum frames, they can be carried and moved around as needed with ease.


The number of configurations made possible by these modular displays is limited only by your imagination.

If you want a standard configuration, that’s possible. If you want to create depth with your booth and give visitors something to walk into, you can do that. If you want a stand-up table up front with your brand and want a sitting area to the side, you can do that, too.

Look and Feel

Modular displays are, by nature, very modern and sophisticated. The angular, compartmentalized style fits in with current trends and gives an air of legitimacy to any display. The 3D structure provides superior depth and accessibility, and gives weight and solidity to your booth.

Types of Modular Displays

The leading manufacturer of modular trade show displays today is Nimlok, and they offer three types of displays.


These displays come in 10-feet and 20-feet configurations and offer the fastest setup, since they’re not as complex as the other types. You can customize them with several options, including added weight, three types of graphic options, lighting, table tops and counters, and other customizable display options.


SmartWall modular displays from Nimlok offer the same stylish look, but with more customizable options, especially when it comes to lighting. You can also use monitor mounts to display a TV or computer monitor for added audio/visual effects.

Hybrid Pro

Nimlok’s upscale model, the Hybrid Pro line includes all the benefits of the other lines but also offers things like fabric accent panels, molded cases, push-lit graphics, and a lifetime warranty.

Should You Use Modular Displays?

Modular displays are effective, cost-efficient, versatile, and attractive. They may be your best option for your next trade show.

Consult with trade show design specialists at Design Display about what your options are to fit your budget and how you can create the most appealing trade show display on the floor for your next event. We specialize in custom displays as well as modular displays from leading manufacturers and have helped countless businesses show off at their events. We’re ready to help you–contact us today for more information.