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Rivalry Week

rivalry week

Rivalry week is nearly here, which means thousands of fans will begin the traditional trash talk that comes with playing your college’s most hated team! Although these games take place around Thanksgiving, they have practically become a holiday of their own. Families gather around the television, great food is eaten, and cheers of joy can be heard alongside the sounds of heartbreak. Given how much we love to create unforgettable experiences inside stadiums, locker rooms, and more, we thought we’d share some of our favorite football rivalries. Read on!

Alabama vs. Auburn

Not only is this one of the nation’s biggest rivalries, it hits pretty close to home for many of our staff! As a Birmingham-based company, we have fans on both sides, which creates quite the stir around the office. The Iron Bowl has seen plenty of historical moments, with Cam Newton’s giant comeback and the infamous “Kick Six” being a couple of the most recent. This year seems guaranteed to be another giant game, with both teams coming in ranked and looking to improve their standings in the playoff race!

Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

Although many Alabamians may find this hard to believe, there is another incredibly intense rivalry just one state over. The recent success of both teams has only propelled this match-up to even higher standards, with both trying to prove that they are the future of the state.

Michigan vs. Ohio State

In a game so important many simply call it “The Game,” these two Big 10 powerhouses face each other annually for a battle that often determines major bowl decisions for both. Head coaches Jim Harbaugh of Michigan and Urban Meyer of Ohio State have only brought more intensity to this legendary duel. This year is no exception with both teams searching for a top bowl position.

Design Display Knows Football!

We understand the passion felt by college football fans all year round, not just during rivalry week! Our profession has allowed us to design and create various pieces of many stadiums and fan experiences, and we couldn’t be more grateful for getting to be a part of these moments. Whether we are working on the locker room, creating a victory banner, designing the front sign of a stadium, or more – we provide the passion and experience needed to create the ultimate fan experience. Contact us today for more information.