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The Perks of Using a Rollup Banner

rollup banner stands

Trade shows are a chaotic time, no matter how prepared your company is. But certain items make the entire experience much easier, and today we’re going to discuss one of our favorites – the rollup banner stand. If you’re looking for an easy, drama-free trade show, this banner is a must-have. There are many reasons why this is the case, so let’s discuss a few.


Trade shows involve a lot of time and effort, so anything that reduces the amount of stress is a win. Rollup banner stands provide a level of convenience that is hard to beat. They tend to be lightweight, easy to set up, and easy to store. Knowing that your booth is good to go before you even get to an event is a truly priceless feeling.


Speaking of price, rollup banner stands are just as wonderful when it comes to cost! These great displays allow you to get your message to thousands of potential clients while not spending an arm and a leg on your display. They also have one of the widest price ranges of trade show banners, so it’s easier to find one that fits your company’s budget. Knowing that you aren’t spending an insane amount on your banner allows you to invest in other parts of your display.


One of the biggest headaches of trade show displays is actually getting the equipment to the venue, but not with rollup banner stands. They are able to easily fit in most vehicles without preventing you from filling your car up with the other items needed for a display. These banners are also incredibly easy to store, which greatly eases the stress of figuring out the logistics outside of the trade show.

Let Us Design Your Rollup Banner!

With over 35 years of trade show experience, we know exactly what your company needs for a productive show. Our rollup banner stands showcase your company’s image for the world to see, with all the convenience you want. Don’t make your trade show experience more difficult than it needs to be – let our top-quality team provide the guidance, assistance, and products needed to capture the attention of every potential customer that passes your booth. Contact us today for a better trade show experience.