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Perfecting the Art of the Tailgate


College football season is almost here, and in the Southeast, that means months of heartbreak, camaraderie, laughter, chants, debates, and of course, tailgating! Nothing says football season like hanging out under a tent with your closest buddies, grilling some hot dogs and watching the week’s games. While this may seem like a simple idea, there are plenty of things that are easy to forget. Don’t let your tailgate disappoint! Keep things exciting by remembering these key items.


Comfort is important for any social gathering, and tailgates are no exception. Having an adequate number of seats and a tent to shelter guests from that hot southern sun isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Once you have the seats and the tent, you can choose how far into the comfort experience you want to go. Some popular comfort extras are fans and lights. While you can live without these and still have a good time, they do add a luxurious element to the experience.

Food & Drink

A great dining experience is of utmost importance. Plan out your menu and make sure every side item on the list is packed. While grilling meat will always be a joy, it’s just not the same without the buns, veggies, chips, and other extras. When it comes to drinks, it’s important to have a selection for both drinkers and nondrinkers in the group. You don’t want anyone going thirsty, after all! A large cooler and plenty of ice will also be needed, as well as paper plates, utensils, paper towels, and the ever-important trash can or bag.


Let’s not forget why we are tailgating in the first place – for the love of football! Along with your team’s battle, there will be plenty of other must-watch games throughout the day. Having access to at least one television to witness these duels is a must. You will probably want a more outdoorsy activity for guests. Cornhole is always a valuable commodity at a tailgate, and bringing your own football to toss around is a guaranteed hit.

Design Display Creates the Gameday Experience

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