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Why We Love Sports

why we love sports

This week marks just under 50 days until college football finds its way back into our lives and takes over our weekend plans. Sports are ingrained in our culture, but have we considered why they are so important to us? At Design Display, our work puts us close to the action, and we have noticed a few reasons fans get so excited.

Sports Unite Us

Sports fandom is often passed down generations, bringing us closer to our family and friends — but rooting for and against teams naturally connects us to strangers like nothing else can. Identifying as a sports fan is an opportunity to establish relationships with people we may not have much else in common with. From traditions to tailgating, sports are a pastime that offers a unique level of understanding and closeness in our communities.

We Love the Drama

When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series Championship for the first time in over a hundred years, the streets outside Wrigley Field were filled with sports fans hoping for the long-awaited moment of celebration. Championships and rivalries give us the chance to take part in high-stakes drama, and it’s exciting to take ownership in history. With so much to worry about in our daily lives, sporting events can provide a positive retreat.  

Visual and Emotional Appeal

From the Olympic Games to the Super Bowl, the magnitude of production for sporting events has become an experience in itself. The Dallas Cowboys’ massive jumbotron creates an atmosphere that’s absolutely unmatched, stretching 160 feet from one 20 yard line to the other.

Regardless if you are experiencing an event in person or on live TV, the experience is memorable. We are consumed with 24/7 sports coverage, fantasy leagues, and talk radio that have contributed to making the sports industry one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. At Design Display, we are experts in understanding the visual environment surrounding sports that translates to an emotional experience.

For over 35 years, we have had the privilege of designing displays for sports stadiums, tournaments, visitor centers, and museums. Our passionate sports fans and design professionals have worked with a variety of projects, including the NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament, Auburn University, the Jesse Owens Memorial Park Museum, and more.

Learn more about our work and contact us to find out how our designs can create lasting memories for sports fans!