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Improve Your Sports Memorabilia Collection!

collecting stadium memorabilia

Something about sports bring us together. We may disagree on everything from politics to television, but once our favorite team is playing, thousands of people will stand and cheer side by side. A mix of history, pain, pride, and competition have created a passion that is hard to match. Many of us like to take it further than simply watching a game on TV–we go to games, look for autographs, and the most dedicated fans even collect memorabilia from games and stadiums.

But what is the best way to search for old displays, seats, and bases? While there is not one standard way to go about collecting, there are a few different approaches that, when added together, could make quite an impressive group of collectibles.


Normally, after a team first decides to demolish a stadium, they will have an auction soon after. This is the best place to find your stadium memorabilia since it is right from the source and will have the most items available. If you don’t see an auction announcement, call the stadium and ask. It would be rare for a team to not have one, since it is the best way for them to make a little extra money (for themselves and usually a charity) while increasing the team image with their fanbase. Unfortunately, this specific auction happens rarely and not for historic stadiums. There are memorabilia-focused auctions that are more broad and can be found online, but these will usually have more expensive items.

Online Shopping

Just like everything else in life, the internet has made collecting stadium memorabilia a lot easier than it used to be. General selling sites like eBay and Amazon offer endless amounts of sports collectibles, and they are always changing. Stay updated by checking often. There are also sites that are focused on certain sports or team memorabilia. If you are looking for a specific stadium, like Shea Stadium or Yankee Stadium, there are websites that focus on selling items from those specific locations. While the search will not always be easy, shopping online definitely improves your chances of finding that must-have item.

Collector Groups

Also online (and in most cities) are sports memorabilia collector groups. These are full of both new and experienced enthusiasts that can provide information on the best ways to collect, as well as insight on where to look for specific items. While it may seem crazy working with your potential competition, groups and forums are a great way to gather knowledge about prices, location, and newly available items.

Design Display – Making Your Future Memorabilia

We have been in the business of designing various displays for sports stadiums and museums for over 35 years. Our team of experienced professionals has worked with teams like the Atlanta Braves, Birmingham Barons, Auburn University, West Virginia University, University of Tennessee, and the NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament. Learn more about us here and contact us for more information on how our displays can improve your stadium, trade show, visitors center, and more!