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Manners Do Matter: Learn Trade Show Etiquette

trade show etiquette

Whether you are behind a booth or just visiting for some free swag, trade show etiquette is very important. You never know who you will meet. Learn how to get your name out there and make the best impression with these helpful tips.


As the old saying goes: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you look the part, it will help you feel the part, and others will see it when they look at you. Keep your cell phone on silent, don’t chew gum, and have business cards with you. Make sure you are rehearsed, calm, and full of confidence before you walk into the room. Preparation goes a long way, and it is surprisingly easy to notice who planned ahead and who didn’t.


How you present yourself is very important. As we already mentioned, wearing the right clothes is crucial. Unspoken communication is another thing to pay attention to. Don’t fidget, look distracted, or lean on booths. If you are worried about your breath, chew gum beforehand, but be sure to take it out before introducing yourself. If there is food or drink available, save it for in between conversations and don’t talk with food in your mouth. Eye contact shows that you are interested in the conversation and leaves a good impression.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but unless you have a display set up, you will have to use a few words to express yourself. When talking to others, make sure you are not taking up the whole conversation. Get your information out there, but don’t feel the need to share how many apples you picked with your great aunt last weekend. Look interested, ask questions, and be informed.

Look for Us!

We are at countless trade shows and we love the experience. We work hard to promote the brands we partner with, and we take pride in our final products. If you are interested in using a display designed by us at your next trade show, contact us today.