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International Museum Day is May 18

international museum day

The 40th Annual International Museum Day is Thursday, May 18. This event, organized by the International Council of Museums, aims to raise public awareness for the different challenges facing museums. This year’s theme is “Museums and Contested Histories: Saying the Unspeakable in Museums.”

Over 120 countries participate across the world, with over 30,000 museums and 38 languages included. There are many reasons that museums are so valuable, so let’s look at three.

Entertaining Information

Museums supply information about art, science, history, and all sorts of topics. They also provide it in a fun and engaging way that you are not able to find anywhere else. Museums not only teach us interesting facts on broad topics, they reveal entire pieces of conversation we never knew to discuss before going.

Preserving History

Museums are the sole life support system for many artifacts that otherwise would be forgotten and discarded. When museums are hurt, history is hurt even worse. We saw this when Hitler invaded countries and took their art, and we see it even more recently with Middle Eastern museums and buildings being raided and destroyed with priceless history lost.

Bringing People Together

Museums allow for an understanding of different cultures that is normally very hard to capture. Visiting a Civil Rights Museum or a Holocaust Museum may give only a glimpse into the pain and suffering that others have gone through, but it is a powerful beginning to understanding those around us. We are honored and humbled to work with museums including Jesse Owens Memorial Park Museum, Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center, and the Freedom Rides Museum.

Design Display Is Proud to Work with Museums

We have been in the display business for over 35 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. It is a privilege to use our designing and crafting abilities to benefit museums across the country. We encourage everyone to go visit a museum on May 18 and beyond, and if your museum needs a display, contact us for more information on how we can help.