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The 3 Trade Shows Your Tech Startup Should Definitely Go To

tech trade shows

Established tech companies have three options when it comes to getting the word out about their products: they have a major press event (because they are already very successful. They have their own chain of stores, or they go to major trade shows in their industry.

The huge names mostly use the first two because, quite frankly, that’s all they really need. Some companies still go to trade shows and conferences, but it’s not a must. However, when you’re a tech startup, you don’t have the perks of hosting your own press event (who would come?) or stocking your own retail stores (as if you have those), which means you are left with the third option: trade shows.

Here are the top three trade shows to attend as a tech startup.

#1: CES (Las Vegas, NV)

At events of this caliber, reporters roam the floor to cover the most interesting companies and products. Attending CES could get you press coverage you couldn’t dream of snagging otherwise – but in order to be noticed, you have to either be on someone’s list already, or you need a trade show display that makes everyone’s jaw drop.

The right booth design can make or break you as far as getting noticed by the press – and if you can get into the media just once, with a respected and semi-well-known publication, it could be the start of something big.

#2: SXSW (Austin, TX)

This is more of a conference than a trade show, but it’s still an excellent place to advertise your company. You don’t actually have to buy advertising at the conference – you can sponsor a party or get an ad at one of the bars that will host a party, and you’ll definitely get noticed.

By advertising to a crowd like the one at SXSW, you’ll be advertising to bloggers, podcasters, and all the other vendors. That could result in a lot of future publicity. When you place a review unit in their hands, you open a lot of doors you otherwise couldn’t.

#3: NAB (Las Vegas, NV)

If ever there were a trade show for the press, this is it. Reporters aren’t there just to cover new products – they’re there to buy the products. Anyone who creates audio or video content is sure to find something they want at NAB, and if you have something they want, they’ll seek you out for a story and a purchase.

And as far as coverage goes for your products, if you provide a podcaster at NAB with a giveaway package for their listeners or other tools that they can use to talk about your awesome product, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll do it, and you’ll have an influx of interest in your company.

Get the Best Trade Show Display for Your Tech Startup

Once you’ve decided to hit these trade shows, you need to develop a booth display design that will grab the attention of everyone at the show. How do you do that? By contacting Design Display in Birmingham, AL.

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