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The Three L’s of Trade Show Display Marketing

trade show display

Reach your trade show audience the most efficient way! We’ve got the three L’s of effective trade show display marketing, from lines to lights. Learn more with Design Display today.

#1 Large-Scale Graphics

Depending on the size of your trade show display, a large-scale graphic may be the perfect way to grab the attention of trade show visitors. Large-scale graphics can be spread over multiple canvases or walls to make your booth appear larger while also adding a unique backdrop for pictures. In short, your signage should be visible from up to 20-30 feet away. Learn more about graphic design options with Design Display.

#2 Lights, Displays, Action!

An often overlooked asset, lighting is your friend! Make sure, when you are setting up your booth, that your displays are well lit and easy to see from a distance. Depending on the colors used in your design, you will want to use contrasting light to even out your tones. For example, if your design includes a lot of blues and greens, you will want to shine a warm light on them to bring out the color. Conversely, warm design colors should be complemented with cool light. Softening the light can also help your tradeshow stand out against competition using bright, fluorescent lights that can often result in a glare.

#3 Lines Are Important

Linear trade show displays help bring a lot of interaction to your table. By placing 20×20 trade show displays out into the aisle, you can keep your visitors at your table while also making it easy for them to interact with your staff. You can adjust your space to create a flow that pushes the trade show crowd to sign up for your raffle or talk to your experts. Especially if you plan to give away promotional prizes or hold contests, make sure that you effectively use linear displays to lead visitors to your booth’s main attraction.

Design Display Knows Trade Show Marketing

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Design Display has been helping clients turn their visions into unique designs for almost 40 years. From trade show displays to environmental graphic design, we have the expertise to provide your business with quality design services. Learn more about Design Display. Contact us today!