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Reach Your Audience with a Buyer Persona

buyer persona

In trade show marketing — well, in all marketing, for that matter — having buyer personas for your brand is an extremely advantageous tool. Learn more about why your company should create buyer personas and how they can help your business.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is constructed from research, data on your industry and target audience, information about your current client base, and demographics. Contrary to common misconception, a buyer persona is not the same thing as a buyer profile. A buyer persona gives you a quick glance of your ideal customer’s purchasing behavior. Using a buyer persona, you can market and sell to your ideal customer more easily.

What Makes for a Good Buyer Persona

A good buyer persona is detailed, well researched, and thorough. It is important not to leave out any essential elements. Start with these components:

  • Demographics – Are your clients millennials? Are they southern? Depending on your industry, the information you gather may be unique. Think about basics like gender, age, location, and education level.
  • Communication MethodWhat’s the best way to reach your client? Options include face-to-face marketing like tradeshow marketing, phone calls, emails, and digital marketing.
  • Information Resources – Where is your client getting their information? Some use the Internet. Others turn to industry literature. Some pick up promotional materials when they attend tradeshows and workshops.
  • Goals – This may be the most important element. What is your client looking for? What problem of theirs can you solve? How does your business benefit your client?

Why Buyer Personas Help in Trade Show Marketing

Why spend so much time creating an “imaginary customer”? Not only are you helping identify every nuance of your clientele, you are creating cohesion among your team. Each department should be able to help come up with your buyer personas. The more fine-tuned and detailed they are, the better.

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