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What Makes for a Good Museum Exhibit?

museum exhibit design

To give your visitors an experience they will remember, you must make sure that your exhibits are not only interesting, but also engaging. How can you do that? Check out these tips from Design Display in Birmingham, AL.

Grab Their Attention from the Get-Go

Start with something “low-risk,” like a catchy title or themed entrance. Don’t be afraid to be a little funny or controversial. The title should represent the feel of the exhibit. The entrance should suggest something bigger to come. Fitting your title and entrance into your theme is always a safe bet.

Once your visitors step inside, the design should be captivating and inviting. Though it should remain comfortable physically, it should be stimulating aesthetically. Remember the message of your exhibit. Do not distract from the focus of your message. Keep your design simple, yet intentional.

Two Lefts Make a Right?

It is very important that your exhibit be easily accessible as well as easy to maneuver. If your visitors have trouble navigating through your exhibit or do not know where to go next, they will most likely leave unsatisfied. Use good mapping signage and appropriate design. Visibility is important. Before you open your exhibit, ensure that you can see every sign, arrow, and railing.

Wait for the Wow Factor

Why do people visit museums? They want to see things they have never seen before. They want to experience new things. They want to be wowed! Design emotionally engaging experiences that will wow your guests. Stimulate their senses, or simply encourage interaction with your exhibit using technology and innovative design.

Staff Interaction

Museums are full of interesting facts, figures, and objects. Their design, however, is only part of the experience. Add the “human touch.” Invest in an experienced, engaging, amiable museum staff that will work hard to encourage visitor interaction. The more the museum itself interacts with its visitors, the more engaged its visitors will likely become. Demonstrators and speakers are often great complements to good museum designs.

Staff workers should be helpful and kind, as well as sociable. Your staff, in congruence with your signage, should be able to help visitors navigate through your museum without stress. They should be able to provide exhibit instructions, answer questions, raise questions, comment on museum pieces, and give context to certain exhibits. They should be trained in visitor safety, as well.

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