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What is Environmental Graphic Design?

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Contrary to how it might sound, environmental graphic design has little to do with the the environment in regards to nature. Rather, environmental graphic design is a mixture of architectural, interior, and graphic design elements. Environmental graphic design’s purpose is to help make your space more practical, interesting, and easy to navigate in an aesthetic way. Learn more about the three most common types of environmental graphic design with the experts at Design Display.

#1 Architectural Facility Design

There are many factors that come into play when designing an architectural space, like a university training center or retail store. For example, your designer must be aware of traffic patterns – how many people do you anticipate to walk through this space, how frequently, where, and via which paths? You must also observe what features already exist within the space – furniture, electrical outlets, windows, etc. A good designer will use an appropriate balance of industrial, interior, and architectural design to help you realize your vision within your space and best optimize the experience for visitors.

#2 Wayfinding & Signage

Do you ever find yourself completely lost in a new hospital, athletic facility, or store? That’s an indication of a lack of environmental graphic design. Wayfinding signage can solve all your problems! Signs that indicate where bathrooms are located and navigational arrows that show visitors how to get from one place to another are essential in any space, indoor or outdoor.

Informational signage helps alleviate confusion as well. By implementing innovative tools like panels, touch screens, and old-fashioned posters, you can share relevant information with your visitors. For example, you can inform visitors of your rules and regulations, like “No Smoking” and “No Loitering.” You can also share information about upcoming events and “About Us” or “History Of” information.

#3 Exhibition Design

Another element of environmental graphic design is exhibition design. Exhibition design involves designing and constructing a three dimensional exhibit that shares a particular story or brand message. Exhibition design is collaborative process involving your design expert and your marketing/branding department.

Interested in Sprucing Up Your Space?

Consult with one of our Design Display experts today to see how environmental graphic design can completely renew your facility. From adding wayfinding signage to designing an interactive platform for visitor participation, our passionate professionals can help you realize your vision!