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Trade Show Tips: Draw a Crowd and Keep It

trade show display

Live entertainment has an inherent quality that no other form of media can match. Using live entertainment to attract trade show visitors is a great way to draw a crowd to your booth. Before you choose your live entertainment, consider your audience. Does your live entertainment play into your brand? How will visitors respond to it? Is it merely a tool to attract visitors, or will whoever you hire also inform your visitors of your message? How much have you allotted in your budget for live entertainment?

There are many forms of entertainers who can help draw a crowd to your booth. From musicians to celebrities, make sure that you generate some interest around your live entertainment even before the trade show. Increase your trade show value by sending out information about your trade show and entertainment via email newsletter, tweets, and Facebook posts. The more buzz you generate beforehand, the more likely you are to receive high foot traffic at your event.

Game On!

Use fun things to attract a crowd! Create games or competitions that will draw passersby to your booth. You can play trivia and offer prizes for visitors that answer questions correctly, or a have jar with jelly beans or coins in it. The “guess how many” game is always enticing.

If it’s in your trade show budget, you can have a prize wheel at your table! Prize wheels are very attractive, even from across the room. Allow visitors to spin the wheel for a chance to win a prize (like a t-shirt or discount). Once they are at your table, you have the opportunity to share more information with them about your product or service.

Another low-cost, high-return game idea is a photo contest. Ask visitors to post a photo on social media with your particular hashtag. Use a hashtag that is relevant, simple, and unique. Then, choose a winner or two from those posts to win prizes. Not only will you get visitors to engage with your brand on social media, you will receive free publicity.

Keep the Crowd with Design Display

Using lures like contests, games, or live entertainment is a great way to draw visitors to your booth. However, once they are there, how do you get them to stay? Engage visitors with a unique trade show booth display. Share your message in a new way that holds a visitor’s interest.

Design Display in Birmingham, Alabama, has design experts waiting to help you realize your vision. Watch your unique ideas come to fruition with Design Display.

Learn more about what we do and how we can help you draw and keep a crowd at your next trade show event. Contact Design Display today!