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Exhibit Like a Recruiter: 3 Tips to Win at Your Next Trade Show


Being a trade show marketer is very much like being a sports recruiter. You are out to scout, and you want to make as many connections as you can. Win over potential business partners and clients with these three simple tips from Design Display in Birmingham, Alabama!

#1 Don’t Forget Your Toolbag

A recruiter’s bag typically contains pens, notebooks, promotional giveaways, scissors, signs, and more. Make sure you pack your bag of essentials before every event. Think about what supplies you will need for your exhibit. Are there any design elements for which you are responsible? Are there signs or banners you need to carry? Consider any technological elements you may need. Here are some “just in case” items we suggest keeping on hand to stay prepared:

  1. Tape
  2. Pens
  3. Scissors
  4. Extension cords

#2 Build Meaningful Connections

Setting up at a trade show is about getting in front of as many people as possible with your brand and your message. However, there is more to it! Just like recruiters must make every effort to make students remember them and their school, you must be memorable to your visitors. There are multiple ways to open the door for this connection. Having well-designed signage and exhibit materials attracts visitors. Hosting contests or giveaways at your booth can also help you grab the attention of passersby at a trade show.

Recruiters are looking to actually gain new players. They aren’t looking to simply tell several prospects about their school. Likewise, you aren’t looking to spread your message to a hundred people and then go home. In order to generate and secure potential leads, you must make connections. Once you get the chance to connect with someone, treat them like a person. Remember that you do not have to sell to every visitor you meet. For a greater return on your investment, it is most likely more beneficial to make a meaningful connection with people and then follow up.

#3 This is What You Came For

Stay passionate! Remember why you’re a marketer. Share you passion for your brand, your product or service, and your message with every person you meet. Every booth is trying to sell something. They are trying to push a certain product or service on every visitor. Be different. Don’t be pushy.

Rather, share your passion and enthusiasm. In no time, you will attract prospective partners and clients that are actually interested in your business.

Design Display is Here to Help!

At Design Display, we know that attractive exhibit design is part of your first impression at a trade show. Make sure you are making the right marketing moves. Work with our experts to ensure that your message is well-represented in a unique, individual way. Learn more about our innovative design process.

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