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Measure Trade Show Value

trade show displays

Trade shows provide an incredible opportunity for all involved. However, how much are you truly gaining from attending? Measure your success by counting up your cost savings and estimating gained revenue with Design Display.

See How Much You Can Save

Having an exhibit at a trade show is about much more than generating revenue for your business. In fact, there is so much more you can gain from your trade show experience. You have the opportunity to meet partners and potential clients. You also have the chance to save some money.

Not only will you have access to hundreds of qualified contacts, you will also be able to eliminate the need for a whole handful of sales calls. Sales calls can end up being expensive. If you are eliminating this step from the process, you could be saving your business a ton of cash!

Stay within your yearly budget by inviting potential investors, clients, and partners to your trade show event. This way, rather than meeting them all separately, you streamline the process. Make the entire process more efficient, and save money for all involved.

Estimate Your Trade Show Revenue

It can be difficult to measure trade show revenue because sales are not usually closed right there and then. Rather, prospective leads are gained from a trade show and then sent to the sales department. It could take weeks or months for those leads to close. So how do you measure trade show revenue?

Start by calculating the amount of qualified leads you gained at a trade show. Conduct some internal research to see how many leads you need to acquire before making a sale. For example, you may make three sales for every ten leads. Divide the amount of leads by the amount of leads it takes to make a sale to determine how many sales you will make.

Determine how much value an average closed sale is worth. Then multiply that number by the number of sales, and you get the amount of revenue generated from the trade show.

determining trade show ROI

Hire Experts to Optimize Your Experience

Make the most of your trade show experience. Talk to the design experts at Design Display. We specialize in 3D graphic design, museum exhibits, trade show exhibits, and more. We are here to help you tell your story.

Contact Design Display in Birmingham, AL, today!