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Developing a Trade Show Timeline

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Don’t let procrastination be your downfall. Instead, start planning today! Follow these tips to prepare for your trade show event from the experts at Design Display in Birmingham, AL.

A Year Is a Good Place to Start

If you truly want to make an impact at your event, begin planning for your trade show a year in advance. Optimize your experience by thinking ahead. First, decide whether this trade show best fits your organization’s interests. Will having a trade show display at this event align with your company’s marketing plan? If so, what are your overall goals for this event? Figure out if you are trying to make more partners or gain more leads.

6 Months to Go

Once you’ve decided to attend the trade show, you need to determine the best way to design a display that best captures your organization’s message. Evaluate booth requirements set by the trade show administrators. Then, meet with the whole team to determine your objectives and your budget.

Use data from previous events to figure out the best way to use your resources. If this is your first trade show, use the next couple of months to do some research. With as much information and experience as you can gather, plan your exhibit. You will be assigned a certain amount of space with very specific dimensions. To optimize your space, think about logistics and consult with a design expert.

You should also think about how you are going to market your trade show exhibit. Start sending out direct mail, email newsletters, and promo items at least 6 months before the event. Build hype and interest through sending salesmen out to talk about it. A little buzz around the event is a great way to get more people to attend the trade show and visit your booth.

Weeks Away from the Big Day

By the time you are down to two or three months before your event, you should have all the major details squared away. It’s time to figure out day-of details. Focus on hiring staff and speakers as well as training them for your event. Once you know who is attending on behalf of your company, finalize transportation and accommodations. If you do so around the three month mark, you have a better chance at receiving a good discount or group pricing.

Gather your trade show team and go over your branding message. Ask your sales team to rehearse their pitches. Determine what giveaways and promotional materials you need to take with you and how many. Do you need to order business cards? Do you have an estimate of how many people will visit your booth? What does your schedule look like?

Consult with Design Display Experts

The experts at Design Display have been creating innovative design solutions for clients for over 35 years. Our trade show portfolio is extensive and unique, and we would love the opportunity to work with your organization on a new project. Consult with one of our design experts today to get started!