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Tradeshow Mistakes to Avoid


Tradeshows provide a great opportunity for businesses looking to reach a larger audience. If your organization is looking to take your marketing efforts to a tradeshow, check out these helpful tips from Design Display to avoid the most common tradeshow mistakes.


If you are unable to put the right amount of time into examining the show you are planning to exhibit in, do not exhibit in that show. You need to give yourself and your team ample time to analyze the guests that will be in attendance. If you conduct your research correctly, you will be able to analyze how well the tradeshow attendees align your target market. Make sure you don’t make tradeshow decisions without a little recon.


If you are attending an engineering tradeshow, your staff should be composed of engineers. Not only should you be sure that you always have enough staff available to answer attendees’ questions, you should also be sure they are well equipped with the right knowledge and experience to represent your organization and tradeshow display well.


Not all attendees will be qualified prospects. It is important to be able to identify those prospects that would be interested in buying what you’re selling. Ask attendees the right leading questions to see where their interests lie and how committed they are to making purchase decisions. If you do not filter out unqualified prospects, you will simply be wasting your time.


Once you’ve selected the right tradeshow, you must also spend time deciding where in the exhibition floor plan you want your booth to be located. Be proactive! The early bird gets the worm. If prime spots are more expensive, consider investing. You do not want to end up behind a pole or in the corner. Think about the main attraction of the trade show, the entrance, the exit, bathrooms, and stairs. Where do you want your booth to be located in relation?


If you are going to invest your time and money into a tradeshow exhibit, do it right! Work with a dedicated team of design specialists to ensure that your exhibit stands out from the competition while staying true to your organization’s message.

Design Display is a full-service firm that specializes in exhibit design and fabrication. With over 35 years of experience in design, production, and installation of exhibits, Design Display has a reputation of delivering quality products like tradeshow displays quickly and at a competitive price. Realize your vision today with Design Display in Birmingham, AL. Contact our team of experts!