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4 Trade Show Tips From The Experts


Trade shows provide the perfect meeting ground for buyers and sellers. Buyers have convenient access to all the vendors at once, and sellers have the perfect opportunity to showcase their best to a high amount of potential consumers. So, if you are the seller, what can you do to ensure a successful experience? Check out these 4 trade show tips from the experts at Design Display.


Where you set up your booth is important. Most trade shows offer prime locations at an extra charge. Because location is one of the most important factors to your effectiveness at a tradeshow, making that investment is probably worth it. Prime location booths go quickly, so be proactive in securing your location.


Once you’ve selected the ideal location for your booth, take every effort to make sure that you get noticed! Use colors and designs that will grab guests’ attention. Your message should be clear and visible from every angle. Your booth should be unique. From pop-up units to fully custom fabricated exhibits, Design Display can help your organization realize your vision.

Along with an appealing design, good lighting and an approachable team will make your booth stand out. Include promotional paraphernalia like flyers and brochures. Bags, pens, koozies, and USB drives with your company logo and information on it are the perfect way to get in front of potential clients more than once. If you have the electrical capabilities, a short video on a tablet or TV screen is sure to lure guests in as well.

Make sure your staff is present and friendly. Plan ahead to ensure that you have informed team members on hand to speak with the guests and answer their questions. Your booth host should then be able to direct guests to the correct trained staff member.


You’ve selected your booth design. You’ve arranged to have friendly staff on hand at all times. What more can you do to ensure a successful and affordable trade show experience? Try implementing a contest or special offer. Ask guests to submit their business card for chances at winning a raffle prize. Not only will you receive their contact information, you will engage with them on a new level.

Of course, we all know that iPads and free trips are not the only incentives that will win over your guests. After walking around a trade show long enough, everyone gets hungry! Have snacks, drinks, or candy at your table. Water bottles are always a good option.


Design Display is a full service firm specializing in exhibit design and fabrication. We offer a full spectrum of trade show display options, including customizable projects, to help you realize your company’s vision. With over 35 years of experience, Design Display can deliver a design that stands out from the competition and communicates your brand message in the most creative way.

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