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Get The Most Out Of Your Tradeshow Experience


Trade show events can help your organization reach your marketing goals and improve ROI. Trade shows not only give you company exposure, they also offer a direct sales and lead generation opportunity. So, how can you get the most out of your trade show experience and translate that into ROI? Follow these expert tips from the professionals at Design Display.


Improving your ROI through event marketing does not simply happen at the tap of a magic wand. Rather, you must effectively determine your goals before you begin. For example, are you looking to heighten brand awareness? Perhaps your company is working to meet a certain number of prospective clients.

Instead of using goals like “increase overall sales,” define more specific, concrete goals like “promote cross selling” and “gain X number of high quality leads.” Then, pick the right event to attend to help you achieve your goals.

How extensive is the media coverage of this event? Are there any big-name speakers? Are you involved with any of the main events or are you only setting up a booth? Different answers require their own individual approaches. Your sales team will have to determine what will work best.

Think about how many guests will be in attendance. Of the attendees, how many are in your target market? Walk around the space before the show to gain a deeper understanding of what the event will feel like. Work the space.


Invest in the right staff and the right equipment to give yourself the best chance at success. Digital marketing is the place to start. Following social media engagement and pre-show buzz, investing in the right materials will make the difference.

Design Display, headquartered in Birmingham, AL, can offer you a full spectrum of tradeshow services.

There are many options such as roll up banner stands and table top kits. Design Display can deliver a design that best communicates your company’s message. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we can offer solutions that exceed your expectations but stay within your budget.

Get exhibit shipping and tracking to keep everything organized. Other services include installation, dismantling, and on-site supervision to help make sure the entire process goes smoothly. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain your equipment without the right materials. Luckily, storage and maintenance services are also available at Design Display.

Realize your vision with help from Design Display. Contact our team today!