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3 Tips To Stay In Budget At Every Trade Show

3 simple tips from Design Display to keep from going over budget

Are you an exhibitor? Don’t waste money at an exhibit ever again! Follow these 3 simple tips from Design Display to keep from going over budget.


Nothing will make your project more expensive than having to pay late fees. In fact, if you take advantage of early-bird discounts, you can even save 10 – 15%.

Don’t forget to file all forms on time, especially in regards to I&D. If you don’t turn in your paperwork on time, your crew may not be able to work the show. This means you’ll have to use show labor, which will certainly cost you!

Beyond paperwork, ship all parts via economy shipping instead of waiting until the last minute and paying overnight rush charges. Also, be aware of how much each piece weighs so that you don’t have to argue with your shipping company or incur unnecessary drayage fees.

If there are electrical lines to consider, make sure that you send in your electrical floor plan drawing and thorough order form on time. (And don’t forget to order the pad with your carpet for the floor plan.)

As for cleaning supplies, bring your own, including a portable vacuum for carpet. Also, if you’re planning to use any extra props like plants, bring your own. The more you purchase on your own, the fewer show expenses you’ll incur.


You do not want to show up to your trade show event and find that the table you were given is wobbly and the carpet is covered in crumbs. If this happens, and you have to ask a show decorator for help, you’re looking at more unnecessary costs. Do not neglect inventory. Make sure that you take note of anything that is broken, stained, or missing.

If you don’t set up your exhibit design before you ship it, you may end up surprised and confused when it comes time to install it at the event. You also may find that there are last minute emergency pieces or parts that you need, which again will increase your costs.

Once you setup your display, examine it. Then, get someone else to examine it. Make sure it looks right! Ensure that there are no grammatical errors, it’s aesthetically well-placed, and it’s straight. Once all these things have been taken care of, you are good to go!


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